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Our marketing and engagement strategies are innovative and trailblazing. Focusing on brand activation, and building communities is essential for creating lasting connections around your brand.

We understand the importance of empowering brands with tailormade strategies to create brand recall & effective sustainable business growth. Resulting in fostering loyalty, advocacy, and long-term engagement

So unleash the power of engagement and marketing with us to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape and make an everlasting impact on your communities and audiences.

Recent Works

Fostering Relationships Engagement Trust

Our dedication to innovation and excellence in events and developing corporate engagement strategies shines through in some truly remarkable milestones we have achieved during some of our recent projects.
At mci, we have mastered the perfect mix of creativity, attention to detail, and technological prowess, creating unforgettable transformative experiences for our clients.

Recent Works

We Offer Digital Solutions

In our recent accomplishments, we have unleashed a whirlwind of innovation and creativity within the realm of events and engagement. With unwavering dedication and a passion for excellence, we have orchestrated unforgettable experiences that have left a lasting impact on attendees. Our meticulous attention to detail and meticulous planning have set new benchmarks in the industry, captivating audiences and creating moments that transcend the ordinary. From large-scale conferences to immersive brand activations, we have seamlessly woven together the fabric of imagination and technology, crafting immersive journeys that transport participants to new realms. Through strategic marketing initiatives and cutting-edge technologies, we have propelled brands to new heights, unlocking their fullest potential and delivering measurable results. Our unwavering commitment to community development has fostered connections, bringing people together and nurturing a sense of belonging. As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, we remain steadfast in our mission to shape the future of events and engagement, creating transformative experiences that leave an indelible mark on the world.

Our Services

Creating Dynamic Environments for Networking and Learning


Creating a successful conference requires more than just scheduling speakers and booking a venue—it's about crafting an immersive experience that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

We work closely with the organizing committee members to collaborate and ensure a meticulous orchestration that creates connection and engagement for the delegates.

Leveraging on our expertise in event planning and conference management, we assure an unforgettable experience that exceeds expectations and delivers tangible value to your delegates.

Unlocking Your Path Forward


Our focus is on providing tailored solutions that leverage data analysis; a key to delivering valuable insights for businesses.

Through our collaborative approach, we work together to empower our clients with these tailored solutions that enable them to achieve sustainable growth, enhance governance practices, and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Delivering Comprehensive Solutions for Association Growth and Success

Strategic Association Solutions

With over 35 years of promoting Associations globally, we excel in facilitating the association in implementing strategic initiatives, and ensuring its overall success and achieving its mission and objectives.

We specialize in planning, creating and executing programs, events and activities that provide value to members and advance the association's mission.

This may include educational seminars, networking events, conferences, and advocacy campaigns.

Crafting a Unique Brand Voice with Purposeful Communication


We specialize in crafting compelling and elevated narratives that resonate with audiences and differentiate your brand in today's competitive market.

Through strategic content creation and engagement initiatives, we help amplify your brand's presence across various channels and touchpoints. Whether it's through social media, digital marketing campaigns, or experiential activations, we specialize in storytelling to enhance and create authentic connections with customers.

By partnering with Al Rowad, your brand’s propulsion is guaranteed.

Bridging Human Connections through Innovative Digital Solutions


Stimulating human connections through innovative digital solutions involves creating environments and experiences that encourage communication, collaboration, and growth.

By leveraging the power of technology, we bridge geographical barriers and bring people together in meaningful ways, encouraging stronger relationships and communities in the digital-first world by harnessing the power of technology and build meaningful relationships and build stronger communities.

Motivational Meetups & Incentives

We work closely with our clients in prioritizing the well-being and development of their workforce through tailored incentive programs and expertly managed meetings.

Nurturing a thriving workforce through tailored incentive programs and expertly managed meetings is essential for promoting employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

We help create a positive and empowering work environment that fuels employee engagement, productivity, and organizational success for years to come.

Uniting People and Crafting Unforgettable Moments


We excel in engaging audiences through live, hybrid, and virtual events. Our expertise lies in curating immersive experiences that resonate with attendees. Seamlessly integrating innovative event technologies, we effectively convey your key message and narrative, ultimately influencing behavior and driving impactful actions.

Our work is centered around fostering authentic human connections, be it live, virtual, or a hybrid event. Our meetings and events go beyond mere participation, actively involving attendees and transforming them into devoted brand advocates or loyal members. From conferences and trade shows to awards galas and executive forums, our portfolio encompasses a wide range of events, including sports and entertainment experiences, multi-city gatherings, product launches, exhibit sales revitalization, educational content reimagining, and even red carpet reinventions.

We are seasoned event professionals; we comprehensively assess your entire event portfolio, providing strategic recommendations to enhance attendance, engagement, and revenue.

Expanding Revenue Streams for Sustainable Growth


In today’s ever-changing landscape, adaptable organizations require diversified revenue sources, including advertising, partnerships, sponsorships, exhibits, and media.

We embrace innovation to fuel your long-term growth by leveraging new products and emerging media that effectively connect advertisers' messages with your target audience. Our creative approach helps us to identify untapped markets, forge strategic partnerships, and uncover revenue opportunities that maximize the true value of your association.


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Global Partnerships

Our firm belief in the power of building community, and commitment to leveraging our core expertise in organizing world class corporate events has made AL-Rowad a trusted partner for brands, associations, and not-for-profit organizations alike.

Project consultant exclusively focused on promoting world-class energy and sustainability events

Ovation Global DMC is the leading Global Destination Management Company. We have been servicing associations, corporations and agencies in 100+ destinations throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America and South America for more than 30 years. With our extensive local expertise, creativity and resources we specialise in designing and executing your event objectives from logistics to exclusive high-end programmes.

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